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My place of residence:

I live in Mayagu​ez, Puerto Rico with my husband, daughter, and pup. I relocated here in Oct 2021 from Long Beach, CA. I was raised in Miami, FL and intend to relocate back there in the coming years. By the time I have completed my midwifery credentialing journey, I intend to have licenses in both CA and FL, allowing me to serve a variety of communities and clients. 


My hobbies:

Body building, being a beach bum, cooking, traveling, crafting with my daughter, watching UFC with my husband, and much more. 

My philosophy of care:

Every birther should have access to safe and culturally appropriate care in the crucial life moments of pregnancy, birth and parenthood. I strive to be a practitioner that is evidence based, non-biased, and supportive in my clients preferences and needs. 

My focus:

To serve black/brown, LGBTQIA+ communities in effort to bridge the gaps in healthcare that cause incidences of morbidity and mortality. 

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