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MCU Program Goals

A midwife of technical expertise

  1. The undergraduate program aims to prepare students to practice at the full scope of the Certified Professional Midwife credential through the demonstration of broad, integrative, and specialized knowledge.

A midwife of professional excellence

  1. The undergraduate program aims to prepare students to practice within their own communities and synthesize applied and collaborative learning. Students will engage in the maternity care system professionally and ethically at all times.

A midwife of personal greatness

  1. The undergraduate program aims to prepare students for reflective practice and a perpetual commitment to contribute to the professionalization of direct-entry midwifery.

  2. The undergraduate program aims to prepare graduates to educate others in their profession and in their communities.

 Midwives College of Utah. (2012). Midwives College of Utah Institution Goals. 

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  Personal Goals 2023

1. Finish school and become employed

2. Participate in local activities in PR

3. Spend more time with family

 Academic Goals 2023

1. Secure clinical placement

2. Graduate from MCU

3. Pass the NARM exam

 Goals 2021

1.Continue to prioritize my family

2. Step into a primary midwife role/mindset

3. Graduate soon

Personal Goals 2020

1.Continue to prioritize my family- achieved with scheduling

2. Continue to work on self-development- achieved partially with therapy

3. Prioritize self-care- achieved via more rest, days of relaxation, and body work

Academic/ Professional Goals 2020

1. Find new clinical placement in new town

2. Become more organized to fulfill my last two years of studying

3.Take the lead into a midwifes brain not an assistant 

Personal Goals 2019

1. Prioritize more family time- Bought home in new town that allows more outdoor family time and less commitments. 

2. Travel for leisure- Have intentionally taken vacations even small road trips.

3. Set appropriate boundaries- Walked away from my job and have lessened commitments to others.

Academic/ Professional Goals 2019

1. Pace myself in semester credits, allowing proper time for clinic work and didactic work. 

2. Absorb all the hands on clinical information I am able to receive, no matter the rigor. 

3.Pass all my classes with at least a B grade. 

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