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Birth Doula 


As a Birth Doula I will support and guide you in efforts to achieve your desired birth experience. I use techniques such as breathing exercises and position suggestions to help center your energy & aid in birth progression. I have experience with over 100 in & out of hospital births, am familiar with most childbirth education series' and am a trained HypnoDoula via Hypnobabies. My current student midwifery education allows me to be equipped with an elevated knowledge of birth. 

Schedule of fees


Basic Package: 1 Virtual or in-person visit prenatally & support throughout your birthing time. $1500

Intermediate Package: 2 in-person visit prenatally, support during your birthing time, & 1 visit postnatally. $1800

Deluxe Package: 3 visits prenatally, support during your birthing time, & 2 postnatal visit. $2000

Ultimate Package: 3 In-person visits prenatally, private 1-day childbirth education class, support during your birthing time, & 2 visit postnatally. $2400


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