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About me

My Story

In March of 2012, I gave birth to my daughter Zyah under the care of a Licensed Midwife.

I breastfed her for 6 years, overcoming many obstacles along the way. 

My parenting style and experiences prompted inquiry from many friends/family on advice as they began their journeys into parenthood, and I was able to guide many of them to success. 


It was then I realized my calling to be a birth worker.

My Philosophy

I believe strongly that full spectrum, client and family centered care is the way to combat birth disparities. My intention is to create a safe space that teaches people confidence and control of their healthcare. My practice is open to all variations of people despite their race, gender orientation, beliefs or socioeconomic status. Education is the center of this practice with focus on proper nutrition, management of stressors, healthy life habits; physiological and anatomical processes of the body. With these parameters, I hope to positively impact marginalized communities in their pregnancies, births and postpartum periods. 

My Experience
Birth Doula- 2016- Present

Doulas of North America 

Birth/Midwife Assistant-2017-2020

Beach Cities Midwifery

Neonatal Resuscitation Certification 2017/2019/2021

American Heart Association

Placenta Arts Certification-2017-2018

Association of Placenta Preparation Arts

Hypno-Doula Training-2018



Phlebotomy Training Specialist

Student Midwife-2018-Present

Midwives College of Utah

Basic Life Support Certification 2016/2018/2020/2022

American Heart Association

Breech workshop- 2023

Breech Without Borders 

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