About me

My Philosophy
My Story

In March of 2012, I gave birth to my daughter Zyah. We labored at home for an estimated 50 hours, attempting to birth at home. We eventually transferred to the hospital where pain medications could be given and rest could be acquired. I was able to deliver vaginally with no complications. From there we overcame a few hurdles with breastfeeding. I went back to full-time work when she was three months old, pumping vigorously throughout my shifts to feed her. I struggled with supply as well as food sensitivities that required dietary restrictions.  In time I was approached by many friends/family for advice on natural parenting and breastfeeding where I was able to guide them to their success. It was then I realized my calling. 

I believe strongly in making informed decisions and It is because of this that I have trained, so that I can help guide those around me to educate themselves. I give my full support to my clients regardless of their choices and outlooks on life, focusing on simply empowering them. I believe ALL families should have access to a quality birth experience and give myself wholeheartedly to each individual. I hope that with this attitude, I can make an impact in the world.

My Experience
Birth Doula- 2016- Present

Doulas of North America 

Birth Assistant-2017-Present

Beach Cities Midwifery

Placenta Arts Certification-2017-2018

Association of Placenta Preparation Arts

Hypno-Doula Training-2018



Phlebotomy Training Specialist

Student Midwife-2018-Present

Midwives College of Utah