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About me

My Story

In March of 2012, I gave birth to my daughter Zyah.


My intended home birth turned into a hospital transfer when exhaustion prevented progress. With the help of pain meds and rest, I was able to deliver vaginally with no complications.


From there we overcame a hurdles with breastfeeding as I struggled with milk supply.


My parenting style and experiences prompted inquiry from many friends/family on advice as they began their journeys. I was able to guide many of them towards success. 


It was then I realized my calling. 

My Philosophy

I believe strongly in making informed decisions and It is because of this that I have educated myself extensively. This allows me the ability to help those around me. I believe ALL families should have access to a quality birth experience and give myself wholeheartedly to each individual. I hope that with this attitude, I can make an impact in my community.

My Experience
Birth Doula- 2016- Present

Doulas of North America 

Birth/Midwife Assistant-2017-2020

Beach Cities Midwifery

Neonatal Resuscitation Certification 2017/2019/2021

American Heart Association

Placenta Arts Certification-2017-2018

Association of Placenta Preparation Arts

Hypno-Doula Training-2018



Phlebotomy Training Specialist

Student Midwife-2018-Present

Midwives College of Utah

Basic Life Support Certification 2016/2018/2020/2022

American Heart Association

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