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Consumption of the placenta in the postpartum period-is known to restore energy, iron & hormone levels after birth.


Placenta Encapsulation

 Encapsulation involves safe, sanitary handling of your placenta to which it  is cleaned, dehydrated, ground and filled into capsules. Your completed package will come with pick up of your placenta & drop off of your capsules, a tincture and cord art.

Cash, Check,Venmo Price: $300

 $30 added for PayPal transactions

Placenta Preparation

Placenta prep is for those intending to make raw placenta smoothies at home. It is an in house service within the first few days of birth. The placenta will be cleaned, cubed and put into client provided ice cube trays to freeze. Client will utilize one or more ice cubes in each smoothie made. 

Cash, Venmo, Check price: $150, additional $20 added for PayPal transactions. 

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